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Detagger is a Windows program that can either convert HTML files into good-looking text, or selectively remove HTML markup. As a markup remover, you can tidy up your HTML in a number of ways. Simply select the classes of tags to be removed, sections of code to be stripped out, or tag manipulations to be performed. Options include - remove all FONT tags; remove tags added by MS Office applications; strip out FORM, HEAD, OBJECT, STYLE or SCRIPT sections; convert tags to upper or lower case; and replace hyperlinks by their display values.
As a HTML-to-Text converter, Detagger allows you to convert HTML newsletters into a more compact and email-friendly format. The program will output the document as text, preserving the marked up headings, lists, tables of the original and turning them into suitable text formats. Text is laid out as faithfully as possible to the original, within the constraints of your chosen page width. Detagger can process tables, laying them out as formatted text, or optionally turning them into comma-delimited data (CSV format). Hyperlinks are replaced by the display text, with the URL either displayed in the text or as an entry in a reference table added at the end of the document.
Formatting options include dictating the page width of the output, or adding custom headers and footers to the output text. Selected options are saved in so-called policy files which may be reloaded in later sessions.
The utility supports wildcards and drag and drop operation, making it well suited to whatever mode of operation you prefer. After conversion, results can be viewed in a browser or text editor (depending on the type of conversion).
A console version in available for batch or automated conversions, and is included with the Windows version for users who register. An API version is available for developers under separate license for those wishing to add Detagger functionality to their own software.



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